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I try to attend a lot of events, both competitive and educational, below is a list of notable events, starting from the most recent. Links to event pages will be provided when available, just click the event name.


ICPC 2020

- Placed 1st locally
- Placed 39th in the ECNA regionals out of 72 teams

ICPC 2019

- Placed 1st locally, out of 12 teams
- Placed 27th in the ECNA Regionals out of 115 teams

CS Games 2019

- Placed 4th in Functional Programming, out of 28 teams
- Participated in the CSE Security CTF competition

ICPC 2018

- Placed 1st locally, out of 12 teams
- Places 29th in the ECNA Regionals, out of 135 teams


- Placed 1st locally, out of 11 teams
- Placed 79th in the ECNA Regionals, out of 134 teams


DeltaHacks VI

- Worked with a team of 3 other students to develop a personal wellness app in 72 hours

Conferences and other Events

Canadian Undergraduate Computer Science Conference

- Attendee

Windsor Essex DevFest 2019

- Attendee

Windsor Essex DevFest 2018 - Attendee

Upcoming Events

- None right now!